What happens when you stop drinking, exercise and eat healthy?

  • Happier/Less Anxiety

    You will be happier and suffer less daily anxiety if you take a break from alcohol, do some daily exercise, and try to eat more healthy food.

  • Improved Sleep

    You will significantly increase the quality of your sleep and be more relaxed while you sleep if you take a break from alcohol and exercise more.

  • More Productive

    Your daily life will be vastly more productive and you will find you have far more energy if you don't drink, you exercise regularly and eat well.

How some others found their whole self...

“Last year I decided to stop drinking alcohol. The amount and frequency of consumption had crept up drastically over the years. I was overweight, depressed, anxious, unfit, and tired. Something had to change! The first improvements I noticed were how bright and clear my eyes were, the puffy bags underneath disappeared, my skin was spot free and smooth. My bedtime soon became a joy, not a fear, now I sleep a full 8 hours of uninterrupted bliss. My mornings are productive and peaceful. I often wake before the sun rises these days to exercise! Long walks, jogging, hiking, yoga, horse riding and cycling. I have had the motivation to address my previously appalling diet and I am learning how to nourish and fuel my body properly. I am practicing mindfulness and meditation. I have lost over a stone in fat and gained so much strength, both mentally and physically. I have more energy and so much more time. ”


St Albans, Hertfordshire

“A binge drinker and health professional living a lie. Spouting out health messages whilst locked in a cycle of poor diet, low motivation, and a negative mindset. I classed myself as a runner, but never managed to make that parkrun. I was a low carb scholar who ate lasagne and chips. I cared for others, but I did not care for myself. As the alcohol-free days passed and I gained some belief, I started to enjoy running rather than endure it. I cut out the secret carbs and started to see results. I lost 20kg! Once the momentum kicked in, I developed a thirst for ‘different’. I said yes to new exercise – yoga, PiYO, planking, cold water showers and on day 365 alcohol-free I did my first marathon. I know now through this journey there are no limits to what you can achieve. You have just got to want it. If you want to you will have it! It is all about having the courage to take that first step. Anything is possible if you believe in you!”


Swinton, Lancashire

“I decided to give up alcohol on the 2nd Jan 2020, I knew this change was needed! I drunk regularly for over 30 years so did not really know what to expect. You get told that you will see amazing benefits and you do but gradually, everyone is different. After 90 days I feel like the black cloud finally left me. My perspective went from negative, to bloody hell I can do anything I set my mind to. I concentrated on just not drinking for the first few days and changing my old habits for new ones. Improving my diet and exercise was so much easier when not nursing a hangover! I made healthy bakes instead of chocolate brownies. Ate seeds, veg, and cut out white pasta and bread, all of this made my hair and skin look so much better. Losing weight meant exercise was much easier. All this helped me feel so much more alive and confident, I look better, feel amazing and am ready to finally join the human race as an equal.”


Fossoway, Kinross-shire

Meet the Founders

An internationally recognized keynote speaker, Thomas is more commonly known as ‘The Bipolar Businessman’. Over 2 million people have seen his story to date in his quest to tackle how alcohol/addiction, fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness evolve your mental health. Now a t-total, vegan, obstacle course racer, representing TeamUK. Thomas now wants to help others change their stars, through his online courses.

Thomas Bell


Meet the Founders

Petra has a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping others overcome mental health issues. Her expertise and passion stems from her own personal experience battling mental illness and struggling with cultural and circumstantial challenges. After being raised in a religious cult without access to formal education, her climb from rock bottom has inspired thousands to better evolve their own mental resilience.

Petra Velzeboer

Co-Founder & Wellbeing Director

Meet the Founders

Marilise centres her philosophy on ‘High-Performance Habits’. She helps people to be taken seriously as individuals who operate with impact and influence. Working with companies like PWC, Centrica & HSBC, she knows first-hand how challenging an intense working environment can be. Marilise uses personal, lived experience, to equip her students to embrace change and improve their social impact and performance.

Marilise de Villiers

Co-Founder & High Performance Coach

Popular Courses

The NEDS & Their Mad World

Mark Pigou spent over a decade in the express courier industry and a further 20 years running trade shows and conference events companies in both London and New York. While his counterpart Simon Berger has been working in the events and exhibitions industry for over 30 years, launching multiple event portfolios in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. For the last 10 years Simon has been a serial investor in creative people and technologies, while mentoring and investing in innovative and disruptive entrepreneurs. The pair also both lend their support to a wide variety of charitable organisations. The Mad World Summit, was an idea born out of Mark's deeply personal experiences dealing with anxiety, depression and suicidality in his own family and a desire to do something to accelerate the conversation and achieve real progress on mental health and well-being in the workplace and is now the biggest 'business to business' Mental Health event in the UK & Europe. Through MY WHOLE SELF Founder Thomas' involvement in Mad World (in his role as a mental health commentator and keynote speaker), the trio became friends and seeing something special in Thomas, the pair decided to invest in his vision to save lives. Now, as Non-Executive Directors, their hope is to make our mental health training accessible on a Global level.